Strata's ALL over the place!

I started cutting strips for the Strips and curves quilt and actually got two strata's assembled. It took me all day because I did things "my" way. I got all the strips cut and one strata madde and then discovered I had lost a couple strips for the second strata. After looking ALL over the house for two hours, in which time I got sidetracked WAY too many times, I discovered the lost strip had been sewn into the first strata. So then I had to ripstitch.Lol.

I went to cut the strips out for the second set and discovered I need another black and white. Not a problem I think as I have a B&%% load of fabric. But unbelievably I have not one with the right amount of contrast. Lol. So tomorrow I am off to the fabric store. I also decided to cut my strips at 1 1/2 inches even though the directions said for a smaller quilt they should be cut at 1 inch. But I just didnt like the look of one inch. This is when I am thunking myself in the head again for not taking the class with Jody when I had the chance. My customer isnt going to be dissapointed if the quilt is bigger so I know that will be o.k.

There was also progress made on the bargello. I am on row 15 of 47! This is seriously the most intense quilt I have ever made. Honestly though now that I have the first few strips sewn and all the stratas for this made I am loving it!

It would be wonderful if I could share a picture as it is really turning out beautiful but no such luck. I did find the camera only to find it was missing the card. How does that happen? Very frustrating.........


Frankly Frankie said…
Hope to see some pic's when you find your ...what is it you lost this time??? hahaha

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