Working Hard Ü

Bargello progress. This is definitely a tough one. BUT I am so happy with the challenge. Its been a while since I have made a bargello. I cant belive I am going to say this...I have missed the challenge!

Here is the orange strata.Didnt Jody do a wonderful job picking out these fabrics?

Gracie is hard at work helping me too. Ü. After I labeled all the fabric and cut my strips I layed them in order on the table. Labeling them and then having someplace to hang them has saved my bacon a few times.I dont know if anyone else does this but I always have a second quilt going. I never make one at a time. It pushes me and I get so much more accomplished. You will see this one at the bottom.Jealous arent ya.Lol. Without these graphs I would so be lost. I started peicing strips this morning and I only have three done, 44 to go!This is the quilt I fifnished this weekend. Well the top I finished this weekend. Jody do you recognize it? Can you see what changes I made to the pattern? This quilt is for a friend that got married over a year ago! That is bad. Soooooooo bad.
After work this friday I am hoping to load this one. Yup I am working on Friday. I have 3 quilts to quilt.


Jan said…
So much pretty eye candy over coffee!!! You have been busy!!!
Freda said…
You are a very busy girl Becca. Where are you working Friday? Enquiring minds want to know.
Freday I have customer quilts Ü.
Anonymous said…
Ooooh! Orange!
Jody said…
Yup!! Love what you did to the mystery quilt--and what's her name will love it too---I almost typed her name--is it a surprise? The bargello is TOO much work!! If it wasn't designated, I'd whine for it!!
taylorsoutback said…
Great colors on the bargello - you have been very busy & your sewing area looks so impressive! I have space envy!!
Frankly Frankie said…
I can't wait to see the Bargello done!!! I want to try one someday...but they look so darn confusing!

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