Are You Read For This?

My missing SD camera card???The one I did not accuse the kids and WH from hiding.The one I did NOT throw a fit over yesterday..........

In MY computer....shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am gonna go slip it in WHs computer then "find" it.Ü

Personal note to Janie.LOL! You know me too well. I am always loosing something. Mostly my mind but that doesnt count.


Does that mean your getting old timers??? I think I have it and it developed into brain dead :)
Thank you for the sweet comments on the blog. Here's wishing you and yours a Very Very Merry Christmas ;)
SewCalGal said…
I do this frequently. Bad habit of not putting the card back into the camera as soon as I download the pictures to my PC. Glad you found it!

Yarni Gras! said…
hehe....I've done that!

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