Some Customer Lovin

As a longarm quilter you will have to deal with PITA quilts.Its a fact of life. Like birth death and taxes. Its those super flat begging to be quilted tops we all pray for.

I havent gotten many let me tell you. Whats worse is I am the worst about friendly ( waving all over the place) quilts. I get lazy.

Last week though I got three quilts in the mail. The first one was great no real issues. This one however! It was like it had a vacuum seal to the batting. This puppy could not at all have laid any flatter. It did not need one pin! I am so not kidding.

I had to sare pictures to prove it!
I put pins in it only because I was afraid not too. Janie(Frankie) I think you should let me keep it Ü.Your dad is going to love this beautiful quilt and I am proud of you. All my workers were enamored with it.Lol. I am not kidding about this either.Lol.
Ok now I am going to get back to blubbering through the Biggest Looser. What an inspiration.Amazing job these people have done in loosing weight.


SandyQuilts said…
What a quilt ... love it. Do you know the name of the pattern?
Frankly Frankie said… can buy the kit

10312 Scene in Alaska – The Interior

4rd one down
Ruthie said…
That is a beautiful quilt. Wasn't that the best finale show last night. Along with the final 3, I was so impressed with Rebecca!
Anonymous said…
Wow. I'm just impressed with that giant sewing table!

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