YAY For Great Mail Days!

This was before the blizzard of 09.Ü.I have just been all twitterpated with it and forgot to post my goodies!

I participated in an online auction a couple of weeks ago and won these beautiful items! First is an ADORABLE quilt by Carol. I dont know her blog. This quilt though is so blasted cute. I want to keep it but I have the perfect little one in mind for it. WH has an employee that we were pretty close to that just had a little guy.
So if I can bare to part with it I will send it to them. Beautiful job Carol!

Second I won this Peppermint Patty. I LOVE her and she is mine mine mine!. I cant find at the moment the card that came with her. I had it last week but this week I cant find it. Argh. So as soon as I find it I will give proper credit. She is awesome though and fills a void from my childhood. I had a beloved raggedy ann that was lost in a move. I have always missed her so now I have a replacement!Then to top it all off I got all this fabric and kit from a dear friend who was cleaning her stash in Alaska! Thank you Diane!!!

I actually have a Taxi kit already. Oldest begged for me to buy it for her so I did. She refuses to give it to me even though she has yet to make it. So now I have one for me! Ü
This week I have declared war on the bargello. The space that it is occupying in my brain is needed for another project. It is time for it to be done!


Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see the taxi quilt all done. Glad you got the goodies.
Jan said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE the peppermint patty!!! Too cute!!!! That taxi quilt is pretty cool too!!! You did have a good mail day!
taylorsoutback said…
What a great mail box delivery - and Peppermint Patty is just adorable.
Hope you are getting dug out from all that snowfall...
How about those Packers today - fun to watch - we need more like that!
Freda said…
That was some great mail Becca. I love peppermint patty, she is so adorable..

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