My Blog Friends Are The Best!

How could I stay cranky with all of you sending me good thoughts! Y'all truly are the best.

The dogs did come home. One last night and one this morning. I am still mad at them but I dont think I want to give them away again. I just need to figure out how to get it through everyones head to make sure the door is shut.

I also found these in a box today! Now how can I stay cranky with Lolita glasses to play with! And poofy glass slipers to put on them.Ü
I also got 3 boxes in the mail today.Pictures on those tomorrow.

THANK YOU again for the wonderful comments and making me feel better.


SewCalGal said…
I'm really happy to hear you are having a better day and your four legged kids returned home. Please let them know they better stay home and be good to you (e.g. extra kisses) or Santa will not come visit them!

Aarf, arf, Santa'arf!

I hope they get the message!

Frankly Frankie said…
Glad your day improved. I remember those glasses....I see my favorite coffee maker there too :) YUMMMM
Joanie M said…
Have you thought about invisible fencing to keep your dogs in the yard? A lot of my neighbors have them and they seem to work really well.

So glad they came back!
taylorsoutback said…
Happy to hear those wayward pooches are safely back gotta wonder exactly where they were and bet they are not talking!

Our son arrived here from Alaska tonight and our 3 shelties were all over him - he is covered in fur now. I think he misses them more than Mom & Dad! Well, he does like the cookies I had waiting for him.
Jan said…
Yay! The pooches made it home!!! Those are some fun glasses too!! I think of you every time I see one out and about! Just think by this time next year, your house will be done, you will have settled in to everything and how much fun this will all be!!!! Go Becca!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey Bec, stumbled across this blog a while ago. :) your pic reminded me of how much i miss girls night! hope you have found some girlies that enjoy experimenting with martinis as well. :) love ya...Lil
Anonymous said…
Happy Holidays!

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