They Set Me Up!

I was seriously BUSTED! Those two um.........(I am trying to think of a nice way to say JERKS) set me up! They knew I wouldnt be able to stay out of the sewing room while they were gone. So they planted a few things around the room that I would have to move if I went in there.

I FELL FOR IT!!!! Argh. I have never been good at following directions but now I am being forced too. I am going to be too paranoid to sneak in tomorrow unless I am given permission. Jan I would so bust in on you if you were closer. Crazy lady or not!

Maybe I could sneak in mission impossible style? I may have to seriously ponder this......


Jan said…
LOL I thought all they had to do was read the blog... self incriminating evidence right there..... doors are always open for fun friends here :-)

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