They Will Hate Me For This Later

Arent they cute? A very rare site for these two.Skater boy and Little A not arguing! In fact she is actually sleeping on him! Yes I will use this for whatever purpose I need it for later. I am the mom, I can do that!Ü.

My two oldest leave for Cali tomorrow. I am actually sad! I dont want them to go! I think with WH in Alaska I am just feeling lonely. Little A went through two of the craft kits I got her to keep her occupied while they were gone......Now what? I have a ton to get done and somehow I am going to have to come up with something to keep her busy.Otherwise she will be pestering the workers. Thats never good.Lol


Jody said…
Awwwww! They are so sweet!
Jan said…
VERY cute!!! You two come right on over and the girls can entertain each other.... imagine how much we could both get done!!!

Past that... I'm no help... I've engaged Netflix babysitting lately with tons of Barbie videos and Hannah Montana TV because I'm so far behind it's not even funny.... not a way of life, so she's excited when the opportunity comes around to watch that much tv/video

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