My New Apron

First off I need to appologise for the quality of these pictures. I had to sneak into my own room tonight while the men folk made a trip to manland. They dont want me in there as they are finishing up the tile and I may accidently step on a tile that I have told NOT to step on like a gazillion times. Ü

Second THANK YOU Madelyn! This is my box of goodies and apron from Shawnees October Breast Cancer awareness apron swap. To say that I was bowled over by what I got is an understatement. Quite a bit of material, Mary Ellens best press (I had JUST ran out), pink ribbon straight pins (LOVE these), a cute must do purse pattern, DOVE chocolate ( Yuuuuuuuuuum), and the cutest little stuffed pink ribbon. I wish mabel were not under a sheet right now sho that I could take a picture and show just how beautiful this apron really is. You will have to take my word for it though as I was trying to be very quick so I didnt get busted.

With a matching potholder! I have exactly 2 potholders right now as I am not going to go digging through boxes to find more. So this was exciting to find in the box!
What a wonderful swap this was! I sent off my apron but had to buy it off of ETSY as I didnt schedule very well and didnt want my partner to have to wait until I am allowed back into my room. Her goodies will go out tomorrow though and then I will put together a matching basket to give away to someone in my area who has or is battling BC. I already know who just need to get it together.
Rumor has it that I may get to sneak into my room tomorrow. I threw a little fit today and decided that WH should NOT get to store his clothes in the laundry room.So they all went into the bathroom with mine and now the bathtub is piled so high you really cant find anything.Lol. Amazingly the trim started going up in the closet and plans to put the shelves in have been bantered around. Be still my heart! I think the menfolk are starting to see me unravel a little and they are throwing me bones. Bones are ok in my book. Ü Especially if it means I get my space back!


Madelyn said…
You are welcome Becca. Enjoy and happy swapping!!!
Anonymous said…
What a great gift! I love chocolate, and work with DOVE Chocolate:) There are many more DOVE Chocolate bars as well just as delicious as the Roasted Almond;)
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