I Have Nothing To Show!

Absolutely nothing.

I have been kicked, booted, or shoved out of my sewing room. It seems that I am getting in the way for them to do the tile in the older kids room. So fine!

Its like 50 something out so I am sitting on my tush in the sun watching T.V......Yeah its not working for me so well. I am grumpy.

I have some fun crafty things and a couple swaps I need to get busy on.I have ALL these ideas swimming through my head and I want to try them out! They are so cool in my head.Actually maybe they should just stay in there.They might not come out as cool as I am hoping.Ü


Jan said…
I keep telling you to bring yourself and little A here until some of the dust clears :-)
Anonymous said…
It's 70 here in NY today...so weird!

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