A Little Stitchin or Happy Happy Joy Joy

Just sitting here watching the CMAs and working on the current beast. I had SO MUCH fun today in the sewing room. I have 1 roman shade almost done. No pictures on that until I am sure I am not going to embarrass myself with them.Ü. I got the binding machine sewn on this and even just cleaned a little (very little).

So now I get to relax in my chair with a great cup of tea and hand sew. Ahhhh life is good.

On another note did anyone see Taylor Swifts performance? Her first one? I love that girl but can you say train wreck???? What happened?? AND seriously WHO let Kellie Pickler color her gorgeous blond hair!!!!


Jan said…
:-) Loved the cover of Devil Went Down to Georgia and all the Kanye jokes though!!!! Go Becca!!
Yarni Gras! said…
Gorgeous colors! Can't wait to see it finished!

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