Monday, November 30, 2009

Catch Up Ü

No blogging for a few days results in falling behind.

I got the material in for the Strip and Circle quilt. They had a quilt shop where they live help them pick out the fabric. I think they did pretty good. I am loving that I get to keep the scraps. Lets hope they over bought.Ü This was my craft for last week. I made 12 of these and then WH had a light bulb moment. Usually that means I am done crafting for me and crafting for him. He decided that the extra pictures he had of his oilfield things would make great coaster gifts for his oilfield buddies. I havent done them yet. I dont want to.They arent fun.

Arent these fun though? I hope to make more.SUPER easy if you are looking for a quick gift.
I have pictures of the bargello progress AND I started the silk quilt. I have remembered I hate working with silk. Too late.


taylorsoutback said...

Thank goodness for glue & crafting! That is one thing I can manage with the broken wrist...will post pictures after Thursday to show what I made as an exchange gift. Thanks a bunch for the Dots fabric link too! Think we should contact them to see if yardage is available! They are showing a 6 x 7 piece. Can't believe you could bring that up so fast! Have a great week - Dots - you gotta love 'em!

taylorsoutback said...

Back again - just checked - no yardage available & they can't supply a manufacturer hoo.

sosarahsew said...

So you didn't need to scrounge around (I mean taking the time to lovingly shop!)for the fabrics for this quilt? What a nice progression of white to black fabrics. And I see that they also had the dotty one that is an integral part of the border. When I pointed out your blog to Wanda, she hoped that fabric was still available for you.

Have fun on it!


Jan said...

The fabrics are fabulous!!! Those coasters are ADORABLE!!!

Jan said...

The fabrics are fabulous!!! Those coasters are ADORABLE!!!

Jody said...

Love the coasters!! Directions, please!

lemonologie said...

Those are lovely! I love black and white.

Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day!