Thank You's!

I have been VERY bad about posting thank you's. I should of posted these two last week.

This was my Tip Junkie swap. Lisa sent me some awesome tips. Things that make her life easier or more fun AND she sent me these wonderful goodies! A pile of Amy Butler fabric.Fabric that I am in luuuuuuuuuve with! Two beautiful scarves one red (my favortie color) and one white. They are so soft and are perfect for SO many things! PLUS do you see those amazing earrings?! I absolutely LOVE them! They went straight in my ears and i have been showing them off to everyone.Ü. Thank you so much Lisa! Then I also got my Hot Chocolate apron and goodies. Ist this apron the best? It is perfect for me and I love that little satin red strip at the bottom. It makes it fancy if I want. But it also looks great with Jeans.Micki did a wonderful job.

I would of loved to show you a picture of the hot chocolate and chocolates but I cant. I ate and drank it all. It was yummy Ü. Here however is the little cookbook she made. This woman is AMAZING! This little cookbook is SO much work!
Every page is detailed and wonderful.They recipies look so good and I cant wait to try them. Thank you Micki again!


I won't tell you how many times I had to go to the store to buy chocolates. They weren't even lasting in my own house LOL
Jen Sue Wild said…
WOW look at all the fun goodies you have resived..

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