Performance Anxiety

FIRST OFF: This quilt is from Louisa L. Smith's book A New Twist On Strips And Curves. It is NOT my quilt. I borrowed this picture from her website.

HELP! Ok I know yall cant really help me but I am feeling a little (real a LOT) out of my depth here. I just got an order for this quilt and I bluffed my way through it. Sure I can do that, No problem, blah blah blah. Inside my head I was screaming!

They bought me the book and all the rulers but there is no clear pattern. Yikes! I do really well with a pattern but just getting a book that teaches the concept?! I have never done that. YIKES!!!!!!!!I need a good stiff drink and a few hours of hyperventillating now.


Vicki W said…
OK now, take a deep breath! It' looks reasonably straight forward. Lots of strips sewn together into wide bands, cut at 45 degrees and mitered back together with circles appliqued on top. Does that seem right? Just do it a section at a time and I know you will do fine!
Frankly Frankie said…
All I know is I want one too....and if I buy you the books rules and fabric will you make me one too??? haha
Jan said…
Two adult beverages and then do what Vicki said!
Tammy Howard said…
Oh, but dude! That is one beautiful quilt!!!
Anonymous said…
you can do this. i managed one from her earlier book and the sewing portion isn't difficult. just plan some time for playing with your blocks on a design wall until you get an arrangement you love. you'll be fine! breathe..... but yes, have those drinks!
sosarahsew said…
Really the most difficult part is choosing the fabrics, getting a smooth progression of mostly white to mostly black. The more you have the better (always good to have validation in buying more great fabs!).
Wanda has done many Strips and Curves quilts and taught classes several times - check out her blog at At least your pattern has all straight seams.
To get perfect circles in the applique, here is tutorial link to a cool idea that really works:
Have fun! That is the whole idea. Do you have a deadline?
Anonymous said…
I know nothing about making a quilt but dang that looks hard!

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