Thursday, November 12, 2009

A door...........

It does not take much anymore to make me all Yippie! and Skippy! over my house. Some of yall may not understand this but a door is a BIG deal.........For the longest time this is what our bedroom door looked like. Granted it did have trim at one point but it was still aweful. Then for a long time after we knocked out a few walls all we had was a hole. That was yucky. Absolutely NO privacy.

BUT then I come home to find this!
I think this is better then flowers dont you?
Oh yeah my kiddos are home from Cali! I am a very happy mom tonight. Cali girl is also doing a lot better too. A good night all in all.Ü
CHECK out Jans blog too! She finished her mystery and it is beautiful!


Vicki W said...

Doors can be very special!

Jan said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL doors!!! They'll last longer than flowers too! That's better any day in my book!!