Retail Therapy

I LOVE clothing. I do. I really really love it. I have a WH that is just as bad. Crazy but its true. Last night I was sitting here whining to yall about the bad day I had and bing I get an email. 20% off my total purchase at my favorite store!!! I looooooooooooove this store. White House Black Market.

A bit expensive BUT the BEST clothing I have ever owned. I used to be a Banana Republic groupie but lately their clothing is just off.

Anyhow I am a WHBM black card holder too.Not a credit card a discount card. On top of my normal discount I get the extra 20%off! Oh yeah............
i had to get these dont you see? They are red! oooooooooooh I am melting just staring at them. They are so yummy!
But you want to know what made it even better? Hehehehehehehe. I am all giddy with excitement. Oldest daughter who has become Retail girl with her new job, calls me up in a tizzy.
(ok Sidebar here for a quick sec. I am SO PROUD of her. She has lost 40 pounds and is working so hard on her diet. I hardly recognize her. She also has turned into a girly girl since she can now buy fun clothing.)
Ok back to the subject. Her store had a HUGE sale on Silver jeans. She though on a whim she would try them on as she hadnt been able to fit into them and she did! Fit into them that is. She then realised that with her discount and the sale she could get them for 20$ a pair! So what does my awesome kid do? She bought me and her each 2 pairs....Ü. Sheesh. I dont think I can handle ALL this excitement today.I think I need a nap.

I do have to say as a final comment that I WISH I looked like this in jeans.Ü


Jan said…
You realize I'm laughing because the last blog entry was complaining about too much shopping.... ;-) I've never heard of this store, but now I must google!!! Where do you get to wear these fabulous things to?? I would be gardening in them and that just seems oh so wrong.....
Kare said…
Looks as though you got what you wanted, your very own personal shopper!
Frankly Frankie said…
I love the outfit!!! I want the shoes and who DON'T wanna look like that in those jeans?? LIAR!! haha GO J...I love you for working so hard!!!
lemonologie said…
Love the outfit!

And those jeans - she's probably photoshopped ;-)

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