I Luv Goodies!!!!!

Dont you love goodies? You know the kind that come in the mail that you didnt buy or swap for? Just those unexpected fun kind of stuff that just shows up?

This week was a goodie week! First off I won this book from http://librarydad.blogspot.com/

How awesome is that! I havent been able to sit down and start reading yet but I cant wait to. It looks like a great read. Yall need to check out Library Dad, he is too cool! OK I did order these from Adam BUT they were so much more beautiful then I even expected! Thank Adam! He has some great cards on his ETSY site

This was TOTALLY unexpected though! My most favorite cutomer ever my 80 year old,extra large king sized quilt makin, cookie bakin, uber extra special Katie made me this present! Such a beautiful coffee table runner, 2 of my favorite hand knitted wash cloths, and the CUTEST glass frog! I love this lady. I wish I could share her with the world as she alone could bring about world peace with her smile but she insists that she isnt all what I say she is. She is wrong. I cant wait to find a coffee table to put this on now. You heard right I have more furniture shopping to do. I SO wish I could hand the task to one of you that offered but it all falls to me. I wouldnt wish my WHs pickiness on anyone I cared about.Ü

Now to my latest craft.Ü I needed a clock for my bedroom. I saw this tutorial on one of my blogrolls and decided it would be the perfect thing. I wish I could remember the blog. So if you see this and think it may be yours I would LOVE to give the credit where it is due. It is so easy peasy that I had it made in less then a 1/2 hour.

The longest task was drilling the hole. WH misunderstood how big I wanted it and it was too small. He left before I discovered it. So then I had to try and drill the hole bigger with that massively heavy man sized drill. I havent found a pink one yet. All turned out great though as I finished my clock!

I am going to take a black sharpie to the edges of the hands to darken them a little but they show up a lot better in person. Jody! You get to put all yours together, those hands are so delicate that I dont want them to break. Plus I am NOT fighting with the monster drill again.Ü
Thats it for now but just WAIT until you see what craft I did next!


Joanie M said…
You got lots of really cool stuff this week! Enjoy it!
Freda said…
What an awesome surprise. Love the clock.
Jody said…
What are you planning?!? Love the clock!
Tammy Howard said…
The clock is gorgeous.

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