WE WON!!!!!

WE WON!!!!!

Thank you so much ALL of you for helping us out.I cannot even begin to tell you what it means to us.It will take me tomorrow to gather ALL the entries since there were SOOOOOOO many :)...But I will announce a winner tomorrow before I leave for camping.....



Jen Sue Wild said…
I was so excited I cried when I found out!!! You guys deserve it after all you have gone thrue. My sister gets her FEMA trailer today. She is so excited to be living in something other than a 5th wheeler. I like to think my hundred votes a day helped just a little. LOL.
Congrats Minot!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
taylorsoutback said…
Congratulations! Every vote helped!!

Have a great rest of the week.
Cheryl said…
Yippee!!! I voted everyday at least 5-7 times!! We were ahead the whole way!!! Yayyy Minot!! You deserve it!
Debbie said…
VERY exciting to check in on the website to sit and stack up some votes for y'all and continually see the numbers increasing and the project at the TOP of the heap!!! Good, good stuff. Delighted for you all.

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