Its been one of those weeks. Not really sure what kind of week but know its wasnt a normal one. So I am going with what everyone uses as an excuse. You know.....One of "those" weeks......We will just leave it at that. 

This is me and one of my peeps...(: WH decided we needed to attend the annual Pheasant Auction/dinner.....Hee hee.....I am SO WISHING I had taken more picture of this event.heehee.....We happen to be SO OVERDRESSED it wasnt funny...Evidently camo IS also appropriate for evening wear.HAHAHAHHA...It was about the funniest event I have ever been too! Next year I am seriously thinking of designing a tube top out of duct tape :)....Dare me?

Drove past this today and I made WH stop so I could get a picture. There is still so much damage from the flood it isnt funny.I had never seen this site before. I really do try to stay out of the flood zone still as its so sad and I still try to give everyone their privacy.So many trying to clean up and rebuild.It feels like an evasion of privacy.....This was next to a house that had been torn down.
 A little eclectic on the pictures eh?...A VERY VERY dear friend of mine made this for her daughter. I was just so in love with it. I wish I had something better then my phone with me to get a picture. It didnt help that we were in a car either!


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