Craft Show Craziness!

We have hit crazy mode in this house. Our first craft show for Turtle Trax Too is in just 2 months....To share these are a few of my favorite items we made this month so far......Yeah so far!
Are these not the cutest Tutu sets!!
O.k.....So ya'll know this is correct!
Oh yeah I was digging on this one too :
And my favorite items...Trax and Tutu :)...Sensory pals for your favorite little one :)...These I am proud to say are an original design....
If you are interested in find our store then just check us out on Face Book ate Turtle Trax Too!


Robin woods said…
Its very nice dress I really like Thanks for sharing with me !!!!!

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Claudia said…
Cute ideas !! Where is your show ?
Any chance you are coming to Fargo for the Indian Summer Quilt Show ? is next weekend. I will be working at the shop.
val said…
i love them all those turtles are the best!
Heidi Grohs said…
The turtles are AWESOME!!!!!!

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