Back To Work

If any of you have been wondering where I have been I promise I havent been out playing..I wish I could be out playing :)

I signed up for my first craft fair. Its not a super duper large one but its supposed to be good sized. I am hoping to get signed up for the large one but well we are still waiting on paperwork and sales tax and what not.....Boring stuff.

So in the mean time I am having my own little panic attack at having product to sell. In the leantime my favorite customer is keeping me from getting bored.Lol.....This is the latest. Isnt it adorable! I love the Dick and Jane fabric. For once too its NOT king size!!

Believe it or not I have MORE fiber content to show you too! Remember the strips and curves top? Well there is progress on that one! AND I even got another baby set done. I can hardly believe it myself :)...


Heidi Grohs said…
Yeah, are just slacking and eating bon-bons.....
Jody said…
Am anxiously awaiting your proof---words and photos!!

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