Who Doesn't Love Pink!!!

I know I do!

I had so much fun making this set. I could make baby stuff every day of my life! You can get away with all the cute in the world and colors most adults just wont do :)....Like I said whats not to love!!!I am SO happy with this pattern. Its the Snake River quilt by Judy Martin...I would TOTALLY recommend this to anyone. It was fun and very rewarding. :)..I cannot wait to give this to the new momma :)And just because I am having so much fun creating ne baby stuff I thought I would show you one of the latest additions to the Turtle Trax Too Store!!! Check us out on facebook!!!


Rebecca said…
So what caught my eye first was the almost to sweet pink Snake river...so I went looking for the pattern .. I have found my self with several Judy Martin books thru the years and I found I had that book!!! Heck The pattern isevens on the cover!!!! but it never "spoke" to me untill I saw yours in Pink...By all thats holy I love blog land...lol
Hahahah So glad you found it! please let me know if you do it so that I can come admire!!!
Yarni Gras! said…
precious tutu set and That quilt is awesome!
Claudia said…
Wow girl !!! You have been busy !!! Enjoy hearing about what you are doing. Have a good week.
samwer satish said…
Very nice images, Thanks for sharing...

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