Baking day!

I wanted to sew today. BUT life had other plans for me. Good friends of ours here are farmers. They grow different things each year but this year its Flax and Wheat...I have had quite an education on farming since we have moved here and I have a HUGE appreciation that I did not have before.

This year has been a real bad year for the farmers. It has rained a LOT at night. While us homeowners have thought we were blessed this is not the case for our growers. The wheat and flax they need to harvest is not dried out enough by morning. These poor farmers are behind this year by atleast two weeks. I suppose it does not affect all the farmers the same as they grow different things but for the people I know they are hurting.

I woke up this morning ready to sew sew sew. Then I looked out the window and saw the rain. I knew that meant another day at home and another day behind. So knowing that it was not possible for me to go out and pick flax by hand I decided to bake something for my friend. He loves apple pie. Personally I hate apple pie but oh well. So I got busy.

If yall have never checked out the pioneer woman and her recipies you need to fix that and go STRAIGHT there! She has this apple pie that just looked amazing. Complete with a crumble caramel topping. Since I am not a lover of two crust pies I decided to go with that one.
I was out of caramel though so found a quick recipie online to make it. Boil a can of sweet condensed milk for about 2 to 2.5 hours. Keep it covered in water though or you could have it exploding on you.
I followed the recipie and boy did they look pretty.

Not pretty enough. So I decided they needed a touch of fall. I carefully molded little leafs,acorns, and pumpkins out of left over dough.....

NOT!!!! I used cutters from Williams Sonoma ( I looooooooooooooove WS)

When everthing was all baked I was very happy with the results! My friends were happy with their pie too.Ü. If I cheered them up just a little then it was worth giving up a sewing day. I made extra so WH and the kiddos could try it too.


Jen Sue Wild said…
So impressed! Those pies look so pretty.
Anonymous said…
those pies are beautiful! i'm not so much an apple pie gal either.....strawberry rhubarb for me in case you ever need to know that! :)
Freda said…
The pies look so good Becca. You are a very generous person. Hope you have a great day.
Jan said…
I LOVE apple pie!! Yours look much prettier than mine do!!!!!
val said…
those look AMAZING! I'm sure everyone will be most appreciative!!!

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