So I havent really made a secret that this has been a rough summer on our family. I kind of just crawled into a cave and have been having a hard time coming out of it. I have been dwelling on all of it and thinking poor poor me. Its easy to dwell isnt it.... Well I had a real wake up call.

I have talked before about my girlfriends back in Alaska. My Martini girls. When we moved two of the 4 also moved. One here as our hubby's work together and one to TN, to join her parents. We left one behind..Leaving her and My Jody Bob was sooooo hard! These girls are my sisters. They have helped me through so much. M (I wont use her full name here) who moved to TN with her family is very very special to me. She was our little Martha Stewart. A sweetheart through and through. 2 weeks ago her baby brother died unexpectedly and through everyone for a tail spin. They were so close.She, her hubby,kids, and her parents are just so heartbroken.

WH and I didnt even have to think.Along with my other Martini buddy we loaded up the camper and took off. I am so happy we did. All of my problems which are still there are so dealable. So incignificant compared to what they are going through. How sad and broken they are. Yet how strong and beautiful.They are coping the best they can. We cried a lot, got mad a lot, and still we tried to remember the good things we remembered about him. There were so many good memories. Having to leave to come back home was not easy and it came way too fast. We have already made plans to meet up again.

Bel is a traveling dog!
This wonderful store was just down the street from M's.

I have fallen in love with Tennessee.

My beautiful Martini buddies (minus 1) and our newest member Ms mom.

I am so thankful to have them in my life. I can only hope that they found some comfort from our visit. It helped me so much to put my life back in perspective and remember that its not all about me. I love these ladies.


Freda said…
I'm sorry about your friend Becca. Thoughts and prayers for all of you. Hope things are better for you. I would love to visit that quilt shop.
Jan said…
I'm glad your trip went well. As for perspective.... it's all a journey.... you go through it.... you feel the pain just as you should, you will feel joy again... just as you should. And you bless all of our lives every day... happy or sad... you are a blessing. Never forget that.

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