Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Journey Back

back into the sewing studio involved a little more shopping then sewing! I needed just a couple things for the project I was starting.

One trip the the local QS then JoAnnes for supplies and I walked away with patterns! I justified these at the time because I always NEED a new apron. I also need a couple new bags for our cruise....... Yeah I may have forgotten to metion the cruise..On one of my little meltdowns last month I booked us for a cruise. Southern Carribean. It was a MAJOR meltdown. I get dangerous during those. Thankfully WH is extremely easy going. I kinda didnt tell him until afterit was booked....Hehehe Ooops!
Well of course I saw the fancy schmancy new materials in for the holidays. Then that resulted in a trip back to the pattern table. Sigh. I know you see where this is going. I am spinning out of control and just couldnt help myself.....I love the red one.Ü
Bel went along for the ride. She was no help what so ever. In fact she all but took my credit card out of my purse and onto the counter! Yeah thats what happened.

Doesnt she look guilty?


Shawnee H said...

That apron pattern looks perfect for my new swap! =)

taylorsoutback said...

Hi Becca - finally catching up on blogs as we sit here in Whitehorse, Yukon for the night. Had RV problems today so stopped for repairs. You have had quite a summer and here's wishing things will smooth out for you. Looks like being back in the sewing room is always good for the soul...now that we are headed home, I am looking forward to that same thing. Alaska just gets better each trip and we hated to leave.
But it is time to get back to reality and I do miss my quilting buds.
Take care and have a good week.

Jan said...

Definitely all Bel's fault ;-) Enjoy the cruise!! I can not wait to take another one. I loved it!!! I love the patterns too!!! We're making an apron at guild next month!! I though of you!!!!

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