The city of Minot, Burlington, Sawyer, and Logan are under a mandatory evacuation.

The dams in Canada have had to release double to almost triple the amounts of water they have been releasing. There will be flooding. Maybe up to 7 feet higher then has been recorded in history.

We are high and dry but have a couple coming to live with us tomorrow. We do not know for how long and frankly I dont care. I am just heartsick for the many who are scrambling to get out right now. It is a mad house and frankly scares me.

I will try and keep you updated as the flooding is expected to start Thurs/Fri peak by Monday and continue at that level for two weeks.


Jen Sue Wild said…
I am so sorry I hope you and your family will be safe. My sister lives in minot right on the river her house has been flooding all summer, they finaly bouht a fithwheeler to live in on the base.
I hope the wether gets better for you.
I'm so saddened to hear the devestating news from Minot thoughts and prayers are with you and your town.

Karen in Minnesota
taylorsoutback said…
Don't think many of us were aware that things were going to be so serious...only been mentioned briefly in the news.

Good to know you will be safe and your house will be a haven for friends in the days ahead...
So hard to imagine all that water and how dry the Dakota's normally are during the summer months.
Debbie said…
First thing I thought of today when I heard the news was to check on your family ~ we've been through the flooding thing here in Des Moines and it is devastating. So glad you're dry and of course you're taking people into your home. For every tragic moment in the days and weeks ahead there will be moments of opportunities to encourage, share and just stand alongside your neighbors. You'll find a thousand different ways to serve. You're all in my prayers, Becca. Tough times are when communities really show their stuff. xoxoxo deb in iowa

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