Just a quick check in. The water has NOT hit the high levels yet and this is what we are dealing with.My heart breaks for this town I love so much.
But so far everyone is safe. That is ALL that matters. Stuff is just stuff and CAN be replaced.
Life can NOT!
We are still high and dry. With "new " family living with us.
And that is a good thing!


taylorsoutback said…
All that water - it is just too much to take in and understand the impact on everyone.

Continue to be safe.
Cheryl said…
Thinking of you all up there in north central ND. Have been watching news for days. Breaks my heart. :( My daughter lives 20 miles east of Minot and is dry but is having issues getting to work in Rugby.

Stay safe Becca!
Vicki W said…
Those photos are amazing! So glad you are safe and the you were able to help out another family too.
Jody said…
That's a lot of water!! Stay safe....
Jen Sue Wild said…
Crazy, This has been hard to watch I have been tuned in to the live stream on facebook and saw my sisters home it's a total loss and now you all are haveing awful storm warnings. I pray that you guys continue to stay safe.

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