Tired and Cranky

THIS is what you are supposed to do with water!!! ( I posted this because I needed the smile! My little man in Washington)THIS is NOT what water is supposed to be doing!
We haven't really gotten a lot of rain lately. In fact our weather has been pretty good. This is all releases from the lakes and dams in Canada still.
Amazing isn't it.
You should NOT see a lake here!
Spent all day yesterday helping my friends haul wet sheet rock, insulation, and flooring out of their house. Load after load after load. I discovered a few things. I am not 20 anymore ( I am so very very sore today), The smell of raw sewage is NOT something I want to smell ever again, I have a deep intense obsession with power tools, and last but not least you REALLY need to look before you leap...

Evidently nails sticking up out of sub flooring will puncture cute rubber galoshes. Sheesh. Foot went straight into bleach water, quickly looked up date of last tetanus shot, then smacked myself for not being more aware of what I was doing. As WH put it, ALL those warnings for safety have my name at the bottom. I am sooooooooo accident prone its unbelievable.

Today was muck out crawl space. Can I admit I am grateful that only a couple people will fit in a crawl space? I have had enough raw sewage for one weekend.


Vicki W said…
When I was really young our neighborhood was flooded (Hurricane something-or-the other). I had the pleasure of stepping on aboard with 2 rusty nails going right into my foot. OMG the pain! Trip to hospital, antibiotics and tetanus shot. It did get me out of any more cleaning!
Anonymous said…
no wonder you're tired and cranky. hoping things improve soon for you and yours.
taylorsoutback said…
Take care of that foot! You are what friends are all about - know what you are doing for them is appreciated beyond words.

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