We have reached a few!

All of our friends that were displaced from the flood are back in their houses or are close. It was long rough, hard road! GOAL REACHED!

Barn dance was a HUGE success and we celebrated the end of a disaster and the beginning of a new future. GOAL REACHED!

Oak park was finally cleaned yesterday and they actually announced that soon it will be reopening to the public! Still work to do this summer with the money from Coca Cola but GOAL REACHED!

Now to my personal goals. THIS week I will be sending out the prize packages. I am sooooooooooo late in sending them. But I wanted them to be special and not just thrown together. So it has been taking time. KAY I promise, yours in amazing :)

THANK YOU all for sticking around this summer. My blog posts have not been happy or even frequent. That is another goal I am going to set. Happy more frequent posts.


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