I get back to the Stash quilts. I wanted to share the 3rd Pink Posse party.I am SO behind on posts! Not good not good.

September was the month for our 3rd party. we take turn hosting it and it was mine and Lissa's turn. The last one was all about Redneck dinner. So we had to outdo that! We decided it was time to turn back the clock. What a fun time we all had in the eighties. Or for some of us (meaning me) what fun I wanted to have in the eighties but didnt get to have.Lol

We had fun. It was ALL about the Retro.(can you believe we are talking about the 80s as retro!) I love how my girls take the theme and go overboard like I do :)

Dawn was rocking this rocker babe look.
The guys hid. Chickens. :)..The pizza guy thought it was hilarious!
And of course the FUNNEST part of the evening was embarrassing our children by going in public. Hahahahaha...I can tell you my kids are probably counting down the days until they can lock me away!


Jody said…
To quote Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias "I'm (You're) too colorful for words"!!!
Anonymous said…
i wanna be you in my next life!!
tiaolou004 said…
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