Monday, October 24, 2011

After We Decorated :)

I was so happy to see that all my dreams and visions of what it would look like came true! My girls showed up to help the night before and by the time I had the tables decorated they were done! They knew exactly what I wanted and had even better ideas for things then I imagined :)...We drank out of mason jars with red neck glass markers....twine and western tags we put our mark on our personal glass.Straw bales everywhere with a table for party favors and the cake....Party favors were gold chocolate coins wrapped in burlap and c.d. with music from the old westerns.One of my girls painted a beautiful desert backdrop.We borrowed wagon wheels and antique farm tools,equipment,and a real cow skull. John Wayne came from a great novelty store that sells cardboard stand ups.I used a few of my quilts to hide the walls of the shop.Half the tables had chips and salsa and the others had peanuts with galvanized buckets...I cheated on those :)...Bought buckets at the goodwill and other thrift stores then spray painted them silver. So much cheaper then the actual galvanized ones.I found fake barbed wire, straw cowboy hats,and handkerchiefs from Oriental trading company. The handkerchiefs we used as napkins.
The best was the cake!!!! WOWZERS did my friend do an amazing job.
Even came with pooping cows!
I had SO MUCH FUN planning and then pulling this party off. I collected decorations for months and I am so happy that all the details worked out and it really looked like what I had dreamed of.

Next blog my BIG surprise! Boy did my girls pull one on me!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Before The Barn dance

To celebrate the ending of a horrible summer and the rebuilding of 7 houses we needed a big big BIG party. I dont know how well ya'll know me but I love throwing a big party.So I and my posse took control and threw a HUGE party. :) ...We decided on a Barn Dance. It just seemed to fit the bill. But that started a large ball rolling. Where to have it and how to pull it off.

I thought we had the location covered but it fell through.Thats when WH came through for me. He had a brand new shop he was very happy to let us use. One thing I love about my WH is that he knows I love to go overboard!...Such a good man. He gave me full control of his shop :). He did this knowing me too! So the preparations were underway!

The timing on this actually started a few months ago. We started haunting garage sales (in Bismarck) , thrift stores and even Hobby Lobby :)...Oh how I do love Hobby Lobby.

Decorations took control of my house, my garage, my car.....It seemed we were never going to be normal again. The joke was that our house was a bad western that BLEW UP!!!Ooooh the preparations..The baking..........The flowers!!!!!
The fun :).........We ate out of of old pie and cake tins.
Everyone got their own Redneck Wine Glass, hehehehe
And of course we needed a chicken!
More to follow, it WAS the party of the year!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Do any of my MYSTERY ladies have the patterns anymore? One of our ladies would like to finish the quilt and I am having trouble locating it. She would like to finish it at a retreat coming up. THANK YOU!!!

P.S...I havent given up looking! I dont know why I cant find it....ugh

Monday, October 17, 2011


We have reached a few!

All of our friends that were displaced from the flood are back in their houses or are close. It was long rough, hard road! GOAL REACHED!

Barn dance was a HUGE success and we celebrated the end of a disaster and the beginning of a new future. GOAL REACHED!

Oak park was finally cleaned yesterday and they actually announced that soon it will be reopening to the public! Still work to do this summer with the money from Coca Cola but GOAL REACHED!

Now to my personal goals. THIS week I will be sending out the prize packages. I am sooooooooooo late in sending them. But I wanted them to be special and not just thrown together. So it has been taking time. KAY I promise, yours in amazing :)

THANK YOU all for sticking around this summer. My blog posts have not been happy or even frequent. That is another goal I am going to set. Happy more frequent posts.

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