Chicken Day

The time had come for butchering the chickens. They were so big that when I fed them they wouldnt even stand to eat. They would just lay and eat. I was getting very worried. If we waited any longer they would start to have heart attacks. Their little legs couldnt hold up their body weight.
The white ones were done growing. Sadly we had to butcher two of my other chickens also. The place where I bought my hens from didnt do a very good job sexing them and I got 3 roosters. So I watched to see which one was more dominent and the other two had to go. I wasnt going to let them get to the point of fighting and killing each other.

A couple friends came over and in less then two hours the job was done and the chickens were in the freezer. We skinned and didnt mess with the plucking. MUCH easier let me tell you. We dont eat the skin anyways. Skater boy was disgusted by the whole thing. He helped with one chicken then called his job done.Lol WH thankfully had done this all before. It really didnt bother me as much as I thought it would. I guess its because I always knew they would be our meat chickens. I kept the guys supplied with liquid refreshment and did the wrapping.
Its funny now that the others are gone I am going through a LOT less food and water. I am giving lots of table scraps and my layers have bulked right up. My rooster is a crack up. He is all puffed up with pride and has just this week started crowing. Of course its a rather pathetic crow. As WH puts it it somewhat sounds like a cat being skinned. Lets hope he gets it together so he can impress his little harem of girls!


Diana said…
Those are some FAT chickens! I think I would have a problem butchering chickens that I fed and cared for, but I'm not against eating chicken. We love it. Do you eat roosters too or just hens? I guess I never thought about that before
Vicki W said…
Let's hope he doesn't get so good that he wakes you every morning!
Jan said…
Oy.... I don't think I could do that job. I'd have to have retail therapy while someone else did it. But a full freezer is a very good thing!!!
val said… day I'll tell you a story about Dean's parents first attempt at raising chickens....just remind me....just have a margarita handy :-)

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