North Dakota Living

I am turning into a farmgirl! I am LOVING every minute of it too! Well I still dont like getting dirty. BUT I do love the results from the hard work.

I also am finding some pleasure in the solitude in gardening. Everyone leaves me alone when I am out there. Too many times of coming out to bug me and I put them to work! Ü

The results are so very worth the effort. Strawberry rhubarb custard pie. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Pickled green beans and pickles. I also put away a few jars of rhubarb for winter pies. (pantry isnt done yet and yes that is my alcohol shelf underneath.Lol)

I havent been in the sewing room for awhile. How do you quilt when it is 90+ outside and I still feel the need to unthaw. We have started work on the house again. We are finishing the main bathroom. WH's mom will be here tomorrow for a week and an extra bathroom will come in very handy.Lol


Freda said…
Looks like you have been very busy Becca. Glad to see your post, I have been wondering about you.
Jan said…
Becca!!! It looks beautiful!!!!!! You've done good!!! :-) Next year, I'm getting my garden back!!!!!
Debbie said…
Ohhhh Becca, just look at your happy little corn stalk and all those homegrown goodies canned up for the winter months. It HAS been a hot summer and it's taken the wind out of my sails now and then, I'll have to admit to that. Looks like you've settled in beautifully and are "blooming where you are planted". I just love that about you. xoxo deb
you all are so sweet. Life has been good in ND.Ü

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