Meet Bel

So here I go disapearing on yall again. We have had company. MIL has been here to give the place the once over. She had been told ALL sorts of horible things about North Dakota. So WH felt it was his personal responsibility to show her the real North Dakota. Of course that meant a ton of shopping along the way! Needless to say she went home thinking we live in a pretty neat place!

So I bet you are wondering who Bel is..........She is my new puppy! A shitzu yorkie mix. She weighs about 3 pounds and should probably get to be about 7/8 pounds. She is a lot smaller then Amida, oldest daughters dog. Here she is playing tag with Amida. She never did realise that Amida wasnt playing. She just didnt care actually.Lol. She runs so fast through the house that she cant get herself stopped. Lol. She hits quite a few walls and table legs.
Here she is before her bath. Pretty scruffy looking. Oldest daughter will be moving to Germany in Nov/Dec. She will be taking Amida with her. I have been having a VERY hard time with this. So Bel is here to distract me. So far she is keeping me pretty busy. I had forgotten how much I diliked potty training........


Jan said…
She's cute!!!!!!!! I would have a hard time with dd moving to Germany too!! That's a long commute ;-) Learn to love Skype. Hubby travels there some so shoot me a note and tell me where.

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