House Update

We were not planning on working on the house for awhile more. But WH gave me a HUGE present! This was the back gazebo. He knew how much I hated it. I mean how much I REALLY hated it. Seriously who would do this? The hot tub never stayed clean and it was just plain tacky and ugly. We still have some staining and finishing work to do but Tada!
So much better dont you think? It is also insulated and finished on the inside. Just a few lights and we are ready for fall hot tub parties. I am so excited about this and let me tell you it is needed. I have been a whole year without my bath tub. I used my jacuzzi about once a week. I loved that thing. We havent had a bath tub here yet. Someday we will but..........yeah......

Ok just cuz I couldnt resist. Bel says Hi!

Amida still isnt impressed.Lol


Jody said…
Hot tub party?!? YESSS! Bel is very cute, by the way! Photos hopefully tomorrow on my blog of my wonderful gifts---thank you!!
Jan said…
I love the new tub house, but I have to say, it looks like the dog leaving it enjoyed his soak ;-) Glad you found a way to get that relaxing soak back into your routine!!
Freda said…
It is looking good around your place Becca. Hi right back to Bel, she is a cutie.

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