Baby Boy Goodies

So I had to wait for the diaper bag to come in before I could share the pictures. My favorite customer from Ak makes all my diaper bags in exchange for quilting. I really think I get the best of the deal here. A. I wouldnt charge her if I had to ask for money. She is 85 and is diligently making quilts for all of her family to have something from her. She spoils me rotten with homemade gifts ALL the time, she makes WH cookies and goodies everytime he stops by there, and she calls him her ever lovin little darlin.

This woman has stolen my heart. B. She is WH's gmas BFF. Nuff said, lol.....
The diaper bag was actually done way before the shower. When WH went to AK to pick it up he would have been home in plenty of time to wrap it with the other gifts. BUT.......There is always a but with me, have you noticed that? But his mom (who lives in Hawaii) got very sick. Scared us both silly, so WH took off from AK to see her in Hawaii. She is ok thank heavens. Taking too many different meds caused her kidneys to start shutting down. Dr.s figured this out in plenty of time and got her all straightened out.

In the meantime my diaper bag is soaking up the sun....uh huh, hmmmmmmmm. Good thing WH brought me back Kona Coffee and a sea turtle gift!
So here are the rest of the goodies, two hooter hiders, a diaper wipe container, and four burp rags.
And here is the little guys quilt! Thank you Jody for picking out all the fabric! The new momma and daddy were very very happy with it all, and that makes me happy :).


Jody said…
It all looks good!
taylorsoutback said…
Baby quilt - so cute; gifts from Hawaii - lucky you!; Having an active and creative 85 year old as a friend - priceless...
(Maybe it is something in that clear Alaskan air that promotes such well being...I think I should move there!)

Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

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