When Its Dreary Outside

I want to sew....Even though I have two stash flimsies still to start I just couldnt get into the quilt mood. Which really isnt good because I have two baby quilts that need to be quilted and mailed before Disney World..Sigh...Its that W.A.B. disease again. (for those of you that may have missed that post its Work Avoidance Behaviour, and I have a very severe case)

So instead I decided to Kraft With K ! She has an amazing blog with all sorts of fun things. But I was REALLY interested in a certain project she had listed. An insulated lunch bag! A very good friend of mine is going to be taking some special schooling in a couple months and I am making her a "goodie" basket. Well until I found this lunch bag. Now all her "goodies" are going into it!

Her instructions were wonderful! Well let me rephrase that Her pictures were wonderful and I KNOW her instructions must have been too. Only the phone rang and it was my Tennessee BFF and well I forgot to actually follow the instructions.This is ALSO an ongoing problem with me. And as I learned with this bag along with every other project I have flown by the seat of my pants with, following the ACTUAL directions would of been SO MUCH better! Either way because of her wonderful pictures I did end up with a bag I am proud of. Tomorrow if I still am avoiding the stash flimsies I am going to make a couple more of these! I think they are going to make great gifts and I want one!

Sandy (my hen) is still patiently sitting on her eggs. 7 more days and we will see if any or all will hatch! So exciting :)....

My babies are now two weeks old. They are starting to get some big chicken feathers. No clue yet as to whether they actually gave me all pullets or not yet but I am hopeful that I didnt end up with all males. WHen I figure it out then I can start naming them.
So thats life on the funny farm for today. Whats up in your neck of the woods?


So glad you found the tutorial helpful!!! The bag looks fantastic :)
Jody said…
Love the bag!!(hint, hint!)

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