Disney World

Worker boy graduates from high school in just one month. :).....That two down one to go! As a graduation gift to our son we are bringing his best friend down from AK and taking them to Disney World.Just finished paying it off today. SO SO SO very excited to go! After all its the happiest place on earth!

Have a VERY hard time staying focused in the sewing room. How does one stay focused when its 60-70 degrees outside? I vow to get some quilty pictures up this week....


Jody said…
You're bad!! We had snow yesterday--all day and it just started again!! ugghh!
Cheryl said…
You guys will have soooo much fun. Took my family plus "friends" to Disney World in December. It was fantastic! Going with my sisters this year!! I think I'm hooked!

Have fun!
taylorsoutback said…
Enjoy your temperatures - we are good here too. Don't you think we have earned it?

Once those kids graduate the years seem to pick up speed. Have a great trip to Disney World.

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