Bad Chicken Momma!

That would be me!

So here is the story. I just would like to say at the beginning of this that I am a NEWBI when it comes to these chickens!

Evidently last week my hen Sandy laid a baby egg. This would be different in her eyes then an eating egg. In my eyes however I saw eating egg. This would be where the problem started. Sandy had gotten up off of the nest and so I took it. And we ate it! I had NO CLUE!!!!

This however was a BAD BAD BAD thing to Sandy! She became depressed. I mean REALLY really depressed! Who knew!!! I didnt!!!! All of a sudden she wouldnt leave her brooding box. She sat in there day after day. So sad and depressed. It didnt take me long to realize that I was a bad chicken mom. I neglected to see the brooding signs......

So I facebooked a friend who I knew had chickens. Not sure what to do and she had the greatest idea. She brought me 12 fertile eggs and late last night I placed them under Sandy. The first 4 she couldnt of cared less. After that though she started to really get indignant...To my surprise she was protecting her eggs!!! I got the others in but they were not under her. No clue as to what I would see when I popped in their today.....

To my surprise she had ALL 12 tucked sweetly under her and she was very watchful to make sure I only brought food and did not touch her eggs. :) So the chicken momma has been forgiven. Atleast until my next big oops.....

In 21 days we will know wether these eggs were fertile or not. I really hope so as I dont think Sandy could take that!


Diana said…
Aww, you are such a tender-heart!. I'm sure Sandy will forgive knowing you meant no what will you do with 12 MORE chickens?
Vicki W said…
So now you are going to possibly have 12 chickens just because you feel a bit guilty!
taylorsoutback said…
Oh my word - that little face looking at you - no wonder you were riddled with guilt!!
How does a person know this kind of thing though? I always thought chickens stayed with the egg whether it was going to be little fuzzy chick or end up in a lemon meringue pie??

Keep us posted - we want to know the outcome!
calicokat said…
You may want to take her off the nest and set her outside once a day for a poo break, they often won't leave the nest for anything!
Get ready for some cute chicky fun in a few weeks!
Colleen said…
You're a great chicken momma! I can't wait to hear what happens - keep us posted please! :)

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