Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Boy Goodies

So I had to wait for the diaper bag to come in before I could share the pictures. My favorite customer from Ak makes all my diaper bags in exchange for quilting. I really think I get the best of the deal here. A. I wouldnt charge her if I had to ask for money. She is 85 and is diligently making quilts for all of her family to have something from her. She spoils me rotten with homemade gifts ALL the time, she makes WH cookies and goodies everytime he stops by there, and she calls him her ever lovin little darlin.

This woman has stolen my heart. B. She is WH's gmas BFF. Nuff said, lol.....
The diaper bag was actually done way before the shower. When WH went to AK to pick it up he would have been home in plenty of time to wrap it with the other gifts. BUT.......There is always a but with me, have you noticed that? But his mom (who lives in Hawaii) got very sick. Scared us both silly, so WH took off from AK to see her in Hawaii. She is ok thank heavens. Taking too many different meds caused her kidneys to start shutting down. Dr.s figured this out in plenty of time and got her all straightened out.

In the meantime my diaper bag is soaking up the sun....uh huh, hmmmmmmmm. Good thing WH brought me back Kona Coffee and a sea turtle gift!
So here are the rest of the goodies, two hooter hiders, a diaper wipe container, and four burp rags.
And here is the little guys quilt! Thank you Jody for picking out all the fabric! The new momma and daddy were very very happy with it all, and that makes me happy :).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

When Its Dreary Outside

I want to sew....Even though I have two stash flimsies still to start I just couldnt get into the quilt mood. Which really isnt good because I have two baby quilts that need to be quilted and mailed before Disney World..Sigh...Its that W.A.B. disease again. (for those of you that may have missed that post its Work Avoidance Behaviour, and I have a very severe case)

So instead I decided to Kraft With K ! She has an amazing blog with all sorts of fun things. But I was REALLY interested in a certain project she had listed. An insulated lunch bag! A very good friend of mine is going to be taking some special schooling in a couple months and I am making her a "goodie" basket. Well until I found this lunch bag. Now all her "goodies" are going into it!

Her instructions were wonderful! Well let me rephrase that Her pictures were wonderful and I KNOW her instructions must have been too. Only the phone rang and it was my Tennessee BFF and well I forgot to actually follow the instructions.This is ALSO an ongoing problem with me. And as I learned with this bag along with every other project I have flown by the seat of my pants with, following the ACTUAL directions would of been SO MUCH better! Either way because of her wonderful pictures I did end up with a bag I am proud of. Tomorrow if I still am avoiding the stash flimsies I am going to make a couple more of these! I think they are going to make great gifts and I want one!

Sandy (my hen) is still patiently sitting on her eggs. 7 more days and we will see if any or all will hatch! So exciting :)....

My babies are now two weeks old. They are starting to get some big chicken feathers. No clue yet as to whether they actually gave me all pullets or not yet but I am hopeful that I didnt end up with all males. WHen I figure it out then I can start naming them.
So thats life on the funny farm for today. Whats up in your neck of the woods?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stash Flimsy Goodness!

The birds THINK its spring!!!! So I know I havent been posting much fiber content lately. Sorry for that! But to make up for it I have Flimsy 14!
And 15!!... If I have those numbers correct then that means to accomplish my goal I only have two more to do :)...That is PURE happiness!
But then I have to get them all quilted and bound....oh yay! lol

Monday, April 11, 2011

Disney World

Worker boy graduates from high school in just one month. :).....That two down one to go! As a graduation gift to our son we are bringing his best friend down from AK and taking them to Disney World.Just finished paying it off today. SO SO SO very excited to go! After all its the happiest place on earth!

Have a VERY hard time staying focused in the sewing room. How does one stay focused when its 60-70 degrees outside? I vow to get some quilty pictures up this week....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bad Chicken Momma!

That would be me!

So here is the story. I just would like to say at the beginning of this that I am a NEWBI when it comes to these chickens!

Evidently last week my hen Sandy laid a baby egg. This would be different in her eyes then an eating egg. In my eyes however I saw eating egg. This would be where the problem started. Sandy had gotten up off of the nest and so I took it. And we ate it! I had NO CLUE!!!!

This however was a BAD BAD BAD thing to Sandy! She became depressed. I mean REALLY really depressed! Who knew!!! I didnt!!!! All of a sudden she wouldnt leave her brooding box. She sat in there day after day. So sad and depressed. It didnt take me long to realize that I was a bad chicken mom. I neglected to see the brooding signs......

So I facebooked a friend who I knew had chickens. Not sure what to do and she had the greatest idea. She brought me 12 fertile eggs and late last night I placed them under Sandy. The first 4 she couldnt of cared less. After that though she started to really get indignant...To my surprise she was protecting her eggs!!! I got the others in but they were not under her. No clue as to what I would see when I popped in their today.....

To my surprise she had ALL 12 tucked sweetly under her and she was very watchful to make sure I only brought food and did not touch her eggs. :) So the chicken momma has been forgiven. Atleast until my next big oops.....

In 21 days we will know wether these eggs were fertile or not. I really hope so as I dont think Sandy could take that!

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