Today has been one of those days...You know. I know you know..Its one of those days that you go through EVERY emotion known to mankind.....Something has happened to give me every one of those emotions today...The happy I can share....My dear sweet friend and her family welcomed a new little one to their family. After so much sadness and loss they welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world....I cant tell you what that did to THIS emotional basket case today..I dont have permission though to share her picture so I will just have to share a picture of my little girl :)

Darla...And we added a crow!!! The crows name is Marcia :)...
And yes I do know how to drive her :)
If you are wondering that IS a rhinestone in her eye :).......


Yarni Gras! said…
only you would have rhinestones on a tractor! go girl!

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