Bare With Me

My laptop decided to quit last week. Great timing huh. So I went in to purchase a new one and walked out with a Mac. VERY good salesman let me tell you. Now however I am in way over my head and am having a difficult time adjusting!

I have a great post for y'all tho. A recipie I came up with for the Packers/MN game for a a cheese football! Yay Packers! Darn good thing they won too.I would of lost a very serious bet and would be wearing Vikings Horns the next game! Whew. Now my buddy gets to wear my cheesehead.Hahahahah.


Jen Sue Wild said…
I can't wait to see your resipe!!
Good luck with the new puter..
Shawnee H said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shawnee H said…
Hey Becca -- glad you're home. Your post made me laugh -- at first I was afraid you were asking us to go streaking with you! LOL!! (A little grammatical humor.)

New apron swap coming, if you think you want to try it.

(I had to re-write when I made a typo .. see what happens when I tease?!?)

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