Very Tired

Just got home from Cali....I am exhausted. Two solid weeks of hospital,rehab,hospital,rehab,hospital. The rehab center was more of a rest home. Dont know how to explain it. But it was very sad. Dad is holding his own right now. He is back in the Hospital but who knows for how long. All I can say is they belong to a HMO, Kaiser and I have nothing nice to say about it. In a nut shell they added his age and health condition together and came up with not worth saving.

They literally discharged him twice before he was ready (with us filing complaints and fighting for him to stay) and both times he had more strokes. Length of time they kept him the first two times 4 days. Thats 2 days per stay. I went head to head quite a few times with doctors and filed many complaints. All that did was assure that he got worse care.

So for now I am regrouping while he battles pnumonia and yet another stroke. I needed to come and get love and hugs from my kids and WH. I will wait for the phone call to go back. I spent two good weeks with him. I will cherish those days. He didnt know who i was when I left. I wish to forget those days.

For heavens sake my friends GET your blood pressure checked and TAKE care of yourselves! My dads BP was so high it lead to Artillary Fibrillation ( I am sure I spelled that wrong) which lead to strokes and a nightmare I cant explain. Your families need you. I got mine checked when I got home and found its extremely high. While it is probably stress its something I will now monitor as this could be genetic.


Freda said…
I'm sory for your dad Becca. Sending prayers and hugs your way.
Becca- I am so sorry you are having such a hard time right now. I am VERY glad that you are being such a wonderful advocate for your Dad, though. I will be keeping you both in my prayers, Sweetie. Lori
taylorsoutback said…
Becca - going to comment on how your making those green cupcakes brought the Packers their win last night.

Then read your latest posting about your Dad - so very sorry this is happening to you and your family. Keep up your strength too...and good for you on showing that same strength to the "people in charge." It will take all of us united to turn this health care debacle around...we have been silent too long. Sending prayers and hugs across the miles.
Anonymous said…
Sending hugs your way! Wish I could do it in person! Jami
Anonymous said…
Went through similar situation with my dad 5 yrs ago. Yesterday was his birthday.
You have to be your dad's advocate..he can't do it for himself, good on you.
The last place he was at was like a rest home also, but they had tough therapy.
Dad's multiple strokes happened over a year and a half period, so we had him at home (which seemed impossible while he was in the hospital) but, we did it, team effort. Boy, did I learn a lot of things I never thought I would about care and his condition.
He died peacefully in his sleep and we were lucky his mind and sense of humor was still intact till then. It was good having that time to spend with him, but was the hardest thing I hope I ever have to go through. I am getting back on track now, but it totally changed my outlook on life and took a lot out of me. But, I loved him so much.
Hugs to you and the strength to get through this with him. Beth

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