Hunting Season!

If you are sensitive to hunting pictures go no further!

I am VERY proud of WH. First deer ever by bow! The best part is right in the back yard. We have 3 more tags. Skater Boy (who soon morfs into boarder boy) has his bow and rifle license and the WH has a rifle license still. We had the back strap for dinner. YUM yum yum. We really will put this meat to good use.
WH also got his first pheasant in our yard. Right in our back yard! It promptly went into the pot for pheasant white bean chili. Oh boy good stuff!


Boy are you a lucky ducky I haven't had deer in ages my hubby doesn't hunt cause no one taught him sure wish he did I miss it. You enjoy. Do you all do anything with the hides?
Anonymous said…
what a good wife you are! i just can't get that excited about scott's hunting success(s). don't get me wrong...i love that he GOES hunting. i would just prefer he give the birds to his hunting buddies or his mom instead of bringing them home!
Vicki W said…
Yum! Pheasant also makes an awesome pot pie!
Yarni Gras! said…
congrats.....I love deer meat too...even if I'm a bit squeamish on the process!

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