What Does A Packers Fan

Take to a Viking/Packers game? A cheese football of course!!!!

Let me tell you the Vikings fans wouldn't even touch it until we had taken the first bites. Lol. Then they saw how good it was and couldn't stay away. Needless to say when I get to host the next rivalry game there WILL be another Packers cheese football. Want the recipe? Easy peasy.....

2-4 Cups Sharp coarsely grated sharp cheddar cheese. (start out withe 2 cups the add more as you see it needs it. I made 3 batches and it was a different amount each time)
1 PKG softened Cream Cheese (very very soft. I put it in the micro to soften it.)
1 Can Jalapenos ( however hot you want it)
3/4 tsp Garlic
1/2 tsp Cumin
Liquid Smoke ( I think I did about 8 drops but will try more next time. So this is to taste)
Crust is Pumpernickle bread and melted butter.

Mix everything But the sharp cheddar in your mixer. Add in the two cups mixing by hand. Slowly add more until you get a good consistency that will be easy to pour into a mold and firm up.

I put the Pumpernickle bread in the food processor and added the melted butter until I could make it form a shape.Put saran wrap into the mold making sure you pat the wrinkles out when you pat the bread mixture in into the mold .Then I poured the cheese in. After it set up ( a few hours) I flipped the mold and walla! The perfect cheese football. Pipe a little more cream cheese onto the top for effect and you are done!

BTW I am not sure how I figured out how to upload this picture. I am already having a panic attack thinking about the pictures I want to upload tomorrow. Sigh.

I also want to thank you all for the hugs and warm wishes over my dad. He is hanging in there. Baby steps is all we can ask for.


Diana said…
I LOVE your cheese football and WILL be making one for the next football party. Now where do I find a mold like that?

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