Thats what I am calling this. I will explain at the end but right now I want to show you the candy boquets I made. Ever wanted to make one? Super easy.....

Buy a TON of different kinds of candy.As it turns out this is pretty easy to do right now.

Just a side point. Its more economical to make more then one. You want to use a variety of candy and you will be left with a bunch if you dont. You will need a vase/planter or something for your boquet. You will also need styrofoam inserts,floral tape, and those green stick thingys with the wire on the end that they also sell in the floral department. Yeah I know not really technical.
Use the wire to attach the candy to the stick. Yeah those are my jammies.

Then use the floral tape to cover the wire.It also helps hold the candy on.

Next and last arragne in your holder! All you have left is to gift them to a friend.

So I am off tomorrow to California. My dad had a couple strokes on Friday and isnt doing very well. I am not sure how long I will be gone but for right now a couple weeks. I will miss yall! I will check in if I can.


Freda said…
Love the candy bouquets Becca. I hope your Father is better soon. Have a safe trip.
Vicki W said…
The candy bouquets are much better than flowers! I hope you have a safe trip and that your Dad is better soon.
Joanie M said…
Cute idea!!!

I hope your dad recovers soon!

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