So its been about 5 years since we had family pictures done. I LOVED the guy we went to in Kenai but he was very traditional for the most part. We got a little crazy but I have always dreamed of those awesome outdoor shots.

So I did some research and found this lady in town that does some amazing work. I called her and we made our appt. I literally had to go on a waiting list and was so HAPPY with a date in Feb!.....Yeah this all sounded good in August when I called her. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!

I have been cheerleading this photo shoot for the last month with my family to keep them upbeat about it. They are really good about family pictures. No grumbling from them as I am a BIG beliver in having them current. The outdoor thing...Yeah NOT SO MUCH!!!!

So there we are downtown Minot with this amazing photographer and its 20 degrees outside...We managed to get all of the pictures taken in 26 min! I cant wait to see them. I just hope I unthaw here soon!Ü


Jody said… how many pics have runny noses in them??? What about hat hair?, or red chapped cheeks?? LOL Can't wait to see....
Frankly Frankie said…
Can't wait to see them :)
Taylorsoutback said…
...and the crazy thing is Alaska has had a fairly mild winter according to our Wasilla-based son. Many days have been warmer up there than in Wisconsin & I know y'all have gotten more snow than us.

Hope the photo shoot was a great success!
We didn't do nearly enough family photos as we went along
though we have some fun ones at Disney World & on a cruise. Our son would pay big bucks not to have published - Goofy & Minnie Mouse really did a number on him!!!:0)

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