Thank YOU!!!!!

Ooooh I LOVE a good swap! This is a horrible picture of a beautiful apron. I LOVE the pointsetta material. Look at all the goodies she sent with it! In all honesty how did you know we lost our can opener. Not even kidding on that. I also have NO kitchen right now so that cookbook is going to be used a whole lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH TULSI!Thank you also to Megan in Australia! I was in an alphabet swap and I think I was spoiled to peices! Can you tell what our letter was?

The letter P! Paddington bear fabric, 3 Patchwork & Quilting magazines (that I LOVE), Pencils with metalic lead, Pistachio chocolate that has been eaten, Paper clips in the shape of clothes pins (too cute) and pretties for scrapbooking! Way too cool a package.Plus I had this package waiting for me Ü. Did I mention I was spoiled! My snowflake swap. Thank you Melissa. There also was a cool white hand knitted washcloth but well it is being used. Ü
This wasnt part of a swap. But I wanted to share with yall. I have always wondered whhere I came from. Seriously. My grandmothers quilted when they needed a new blanket. They sewed clothes out of necessity. I am 42 years old and on this trip home my mother presented me with this. My grandmothers embroidery hoop, pattern ,left over floss and hand made doilies. I lost my grandmother when I was 16 but have so many fond memories of her. I never remembered this though. She embroidered because she wanted to! I am NOT the weird one anymore (and yes my sisters often pointed that out to me)! My grandmother passed a creative gene to me! Best of all I have her pattern. I am going to use it. What a great gift. The only thing I have of hers.Ü


Jody said…
WOW!! You are one spoiled child!! Fabulous swappy goodness. And the metal hoop is like the ones I need and can't find! But i am making do with the plastic one. Isn't it fun when you get heirlooms??
Tulsi said…
We are similar. I am 43 and had my great grandmother until I was 14. She also did things out of necessity. I took a quilting class last year to learn how to really do it. I bet it is very special to have those things. I know I love what I have of my great grandmother and grandmother. My granny is still making things for my kids and my granddaughter (her great great granddaughter.)
Megan said…
glad the mags were the right pick seeing as they were what made me have to post it cheaper (and therefore muuuch slower)!

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