Very Sad News :-(

Oh no!!! (this is our temporary kitchen BTW) Please tell me it isnt so!

Jura Capresso beloved member of our family
passed away from a broken pipe.
Needless to say while WH was still up to his eyeballs in little parts and peices I ordered another to be here next week!


Jody said…
I feel your pain!! BTW, did you hand Jer the duct tape?? (Thinking surgical nurse to doctor!!)
Megan Best said…
I couldn't live without my Jura Capressa! Mine is the same one in your picture. what are you getting to replace it?
Hahah Jody! Dont give him anymore duct tape ideas!

MEGAN I ordered the exact same one! I love that machine. I ordered from Whole Latte Love.They are awesome and they have a refurbished site where I got the first one from.
Jan said…
NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not the Jura!!!! That's just sad and wrong!!!! Hope the new one gets there soon!!! I have to confess... I put the machine head in the moving van... but the technivorm went into my truck in the passenger seat babied the whole way. Sad but true LOL

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