Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Times

Super Bowl parties are the blast aren't they? We have some wonderful new friends here and we had a blast! Cheryl is from Alaska (now ND). She and her awesome hubby just moved here last week. He works with WH. Its wonderful to have a piece of our past with us.Ü

Johanna is a kick. Totally beautiful inside and out. She also LOVES homemade rootbeer. Too bad she and her hubby were going for the colts. hehehe
Isnt she gorgeous! I was having a bad hair day.Hence the head band.Lol

Oldest is not fond of this team nor this player. So new friend above made her a little present.hahah. I think it was payback for doing the bootie dance when their beloved Vikings lost a couple weeks ago.

This was my contribution to the game. For our hostess and host who had a little fun argument last week over who should make the cake........Ü

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Jan said...

Yea!!! Look at you go!!! So much fun!!! Go Becca!!!!!!!!!!!

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